How To Get The Best Psychic Readings

We all need answers to life’s most pressing questions.  Whether you’re looking for love and relationship advice or just want to know what your future holds for you, a psychic reader can give you the answers you need.

The problem is that finding a REAL psychic online is a difficult task.  A simple internet search will reveal dozens of so-called psychic advisors, claiming to be “best psychics in the world”.  With so many companies to choose from, how can you really know which psychic services are legitimate, and which ones you should avoid at all costs?  That’s where I can help!

My name is Stephanie Wilcox, and I’ve been getting psychic readings on a regular basis for the past 10 years.  One thing I can tell you with certainty is that accurate psychics really do exist.  Unfortunately, so do con-artists and scams.  The key to getting a real reading is to only use psychics that have been thoroughly screened and tested for accuracy.

On this blog, I’m going to show you:

  • Which Psychic Scams You Must Avoid Like The Plague
  • Which Companies Offer The Best Psychic Readings For 2015
  • What Questions Can You Ask A Psychic Reader

Online Psychic Scams To Avoid


Before I finally found real psychic readers, I encountered several different online scams and literally wasted hundreds of dollars on clairvoyant predictions that never came true.  I don’t want you to go through the same pitfalls that I did.  Before you pick up the phone to call a psychic, make sure to look out for these common scams.

  • The Curse Scam –  This scam happens when a psychic reader tells you that your family is cursed, and that they need extra money to help remove the curse.  This is one of the oldest and dirtiest scams around, and should be avoided at all costs.  There’s no such thing as curses!
  • The Love Spell Scam –  This scam involves the psychic telling you that they can make someone fall in love with you by using a special “love spell”.   The truth is that a psychic can only help you find love, but can’t actually make someone fall in love with you.
  • The Free Reading Scam –  This is more of a gimmick than a scam, but I wanted to mention it anyways.  Many of the psychic services online offer “free readings” to get customers in the door.  Most people don’t realize that the free readings are very vague, and you actually have to pay money in order to get the real answers that you’re seeking.

Where To Get The Best Psychic Readings?

Out of the dozens of different psychic readers I’ve tried throughout the years, there are only two companies that I would confidently recommend to my friends or family.  Both of these companies have a large selection of psychic adviors to choose from and they both have affordable prices. If you choose to get a psychic reading from either of these services, you won’t be disappointed.

#1 AskNow Psychics

asknow psychics

Asknow is a company that has been around for over 10 years and is currently rated as the #1 service by many online psychic review sites.  Asknow has a large selection of psychics available in their network and each of them has been thoroughly tested and screened for accuracy.  This ensures that only the “best of the best” psychics are allowed to work for Asknow.

Asknow offers customers the option of getting a psychic reading by phone, or through online chat.  If you call their psychic hotline, one of their customer service representatives will connect you with an expert in the type of reading you are looking for.  If you visit their web site instead, you’ll see that each psychic reader has a profile page, where you can learn about their ability and read reviews from past customers,

Asknow is known for having some of the best love psychic readings in the industry and their advisors have a wealth of experience in dealing with love and relationship issues.  Each time I get a phone psychic reading from Asknow, I’m simply amazed with how accurate and powerful their readings are.  Not only are all of their advisors compassionate and friendly, but they are also very honest and will tell you the truth – even if it hurts.

If you’re looking for an accurate reading from a real psychic, then you can’t go wrong with Asknow.

  • All Psychic Readers Are Thoroughly Tested For Accuracy
  • Choose Between Psychic Phone Readings or Online Chat Readings
  • Best Love and Relationship Advisors In The Industry
  • Money Back Guarantee on All Readings
  • First-Time Customer Discount: 15 Minute Reading For Just $10

Call Asknow Psychics: (888) 908-9434

Click Here To Visit Web Site

#2 Psychic Source

psychic source

PsychicSource a company that has been offering psychic readings since 1989.  Yes, that’s correct – over 25 years in business!  PsychicSource is one of the most respected psychic networks in the world, and for good reason.  They have over 300 different psychic advisors in their network, with each of them going through a very thorough and strict screening process to ensure that only the best psychics are allowed into their company.

Their large selection of advisors possess a wide-range of psychic abilities that include clairvoyants, clairaudients, love psychics, intuitives, pet psychics, tarot readers, and more.  Every advisor on is required to have at least 10 years of experience and go through multiple tests before they’re accepted into the PsychicSource network. is running a special promotion for first-time customers, where you can get a phone psychic reading for just $0.66 per minute + the first 3 minutes are free.    I’ve used this service multiple times, and I’ve never been disappointed with a reading.

  • Been In Business Over 25 Years
  • Psychic Readings Offered By Phone or Online Chat
  • Money-Back Guarantee on all Readings
  • Each Psychic Has At Least 10+ Years of Experience

Call Psychic Source: (866) 953-6748

Click Here To Visit The Psychic Source Web Site

What Questions Can You Actually Ask A Psychic?

online psychic

There are a lot of misconceptions when it comes to what you can and can’t ask a psychic reader.  A clairvoyant won’t be able to tell you next week’s lottery numbers, but they will be able to give answers to questions such as:

  • Is my partner really cheating on me with someone else?
  • What do you see in my future?
  • Will I ever get married and find true love?
  • When will I get pregnant?
  • Should I quit my job and find a new career?

A legitimate psychic should be able to provide insight on any aspect of your life, and help guide you in the right direction.

Final Thoughts

You really can’t go wrong with whichever company you decide to choose.  Both Asknow and Psychic Source have amazing psychics that have been thoroughly screened and tested for accuracy. If you’re new to the psychic world, why not first try a tarot reading? You can try this for free over on Eva Tarot. Whichever company you decide to go with, make sure you keep an open mind and an open heart.  Sometimes psychic readings can be life-changing and can open up possibilities that you didn’t expect.  Good luck in your journey!