We live in a world filled with treacherous people who will not hesitate to deceive you and steal your money. Life is very difficult and there are moments whereby you can get desperate and seek out a psychic to tell you what your future holds.

There are many psychics cropping up nowadays who do not have the skill-set required. These fake psychics have mastered all the methods they can use to fool people into believing that they are real. These fake psychics then end up scamming their clients into giving them a lot of money. You should not be a victim. Here are a few tips to help you spot a fake psychic and protect yourself:

Actual Psychic Readings versus Character Analysis

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Let’s face it; there are people who are good at reading others. That does not make them psychics. Character and Behavioral analysis are skills that can be learned and many fake psychics use these skills to create a great first impression on a client. Once a client is ‘hooked’ by these fake psychic’s tricks, they are unlikely to doubt what the psychic tells them. This leaves the clients open to manipulation and at risk of parting with a lot of money in order to fulfill the psychic’s requests.

A real psychic goes deeper into details about the reason you have sought them out and what you can do to resolve the questions you have.

Scripted Reading (Cold Reading)

You need to be aware that fake psychics know exactly what to say to you to get your attention and make you spend money. Fake psychics have scripts which they use to unearth information about you and to tell you what you want to hear. They only use general terms which can be applied to anyone and still sound specific enough that you think the psychic really knows you.

You need to stay alert to notice when generalizations are being used to describe you and your life. If you do it well, you will realize that the fake psychic is reading from a script and knows nothing about you.

No References

All working professionals are expected to have references that can prove that someone has the skills they claim to have. Fake psychics do not have references and tend to keep a low profile. If they operate online, fake psychics will not post photos of themselves and risk exposing themselves as frauds.

Others go a step further and set up a website with links to money payment options. If it is a legitimate website, the psychic will go out of their way to ensure you know what services are being offered and the cost of those services. As with any business, the website owner should have registered their identification details and provide payment encryption. If the psychic does not explain what you are paying for and does not set up mechanisms to allow you to conduct transactions safely, then you are probably being scammed.

One-time Expensive Payments

This should be a dead giveaway that you are being scammed. If a psychic asks you for a large sum of money in order to protect you or to bring your ex back to you using spells, you should definitely get up and leave. These one-time payments are usually a way of conning you out of a lot of money with the guarantee that you will not find that psychic again.

These scam artists ask for a lot of money and scare you into paying quickly in order to keep yourself ‘safe’ from evils you were not aware of until you walked in for a session. Fake psychics will also attach dollar value to small items such as candles that ‘keep you safe’ when lit. Listen out for the money request and analyze whether it makes sense.

Fear Mongering/Scare Techniques

Real psychics give readings in a calm manner and give the necessary advice without sensationalizing your situation. Fake psychics, however, resort to fear and scare tactics as a way to force you to part with your money in order for the psychic to ‘protect you’ using very powerful spells. Look out for sensationalist statements about your problems and about their psychic ability. This will tip you off that you are being scammed.

Predictions That Are Too Good To Be True

You’ve heard that, “When a deal is too good, think twice”. You should apply the same principle when you visit a psychic. If a psychic makes it out that you are going to achieve outrageous results, they are probably just playing to your desires. Everyone wants to believe that their future holds great things in store and thus a fake psychic will seize upon this desire and deceive you.

Another thing to note is that life is full of ups and downs and even if your future holds great things, it will be mixed with bad things as well. Listen to whether the psychic strikes a balance between a great future and a realistic future.

These tips will help you spot a fake psychic and protect yourself from scams aided by your desire and vulnerabilities. No one will be able to scam you when you are looking for a psychic.

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