It is widely known that spirituality and health are closely intertwined, and it is also known that there are several types of crystals that cater to each kind of spiritual or health needs. The use of crystals to heal or attract certain energies has become so popular that it’s uncommon to see healers and practitioners lug around different kinds of crystals.

Commonly-Used Crystals

  1. Quartz Crystal – If you need a crystal that can be used for all occasions, this one’s your bet. Quartz is a kind of crystal that you can program for any purpose you want, since it has electromagnetic properties that attract and trap your intention. The good thing is that quartz may be reprogrammed, so if you are already done with that purpose, you can program it to do something different.
  2. Rose Quartz – If you’re seeking for love (not just romantic love, but all kinds of love in general) bring a rose quartz wherever you go. The color is reminiscent of the heart chakra, thus it attracts the kind of love that’s gentle, unconditional, and sweet.
  3. Lapiz – flecked with blue and gold, this stone has a very strong spiritual energy that allows you to connect with higher energies.
  4. Obsidian – This stone deflects and repels negative energies, thus it’s essential if you keep on feeling sad or angry all the time. It is also a great stone for spiritual grounding.
  5. Selenite – This crystal is essential for recharging the energy of your other stones and crystals, so make sure that one’s nearby in case you need it.

Even if you see healers bringing out several huge heavy crystals and lugging them all over the place, you have to keep in mind that more isn’t better in this case. Bring stones or crystals which are essential to your person whenever you go out. Make sure to consciously choose what you need for the day, instead of indiscriminately piling it all on.

Crystals are like cats as well – they are the ones that choose you. In buying stones and crystals, what’s bright and cheery will not necessarily be the one that will attract you. You will know that the stone or crystal is ‘the one’ if you feel its energy and, you know, it just fits you.

Make sure to recharge your crystals every once in a while. The crystal selenite is a good ‘charging station’ for smaller crystals or stones. You don’t need to wait for long – just leave your stones and crystals near the selenite and let them charge from the energy. If you don’t have selenite, you can also make use of the sun’s rays or the cleansing abilities of water to clear off excess energies.

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