The most common picture that comes to one’s mind upon hearing the world psychic reading is often a mysterious woman looking into a crystal ball and telling you about your future. While this can be a real scenario, there are actually different kinds of psychic gifts, which means that are are also different types of readings to choose from.

types of psychic reading

types of psychic reading

There are many options available, which can easily overwhelm any first-timer. It helps, however, to take the time and learn more about these  different types of psychic readings, so as to help you narrow down your choices when you decide to make an appointment. Listed below are some of the  most popular and common types of readings which you can explore before deciding:

  • Astrology – When we say astrology, most people would think about that column on the daily paper. Astrology, however, is more than that. This type of reading takes into consideration the place and time of your birth and alignment of the planets during that time to reveal potentials and energies you were born with, and current trends in your life which you can use.
  • Aura Readings – The skin radiates an energy field known as the auric field, which is also simply known as aura. This field covers and protects the body from spiritual or psychic damage. Aura readings are done by psychics trained in this category, allowing you to get in touch with your own energies friends, family members, and even enemies.   An aura reading can help you get in touch with your own energy, and help you release blocks that are preventing your spiritual or emotional growth.
  • Cartomancy – The use of deck cards to reveal past, present and future aspects of your life. Cartomancy’s popularity started in the 18th century, with the use of regular deck of cards. Today it has recently experienced resurgence and psychics utilize special cards such as oracle, divination and angel decks
  • Channeling – This is a type of psychic communication where the psychic accesses audio frequencies that most people cannot, allowing them to receive information from angels and spirit guides. They will then “channel” or convey these messages to you, the client.
  • Clairvoyance – Psychics who have and use the gift of clairvoyance can see images and visions that are related to your life, which you or other people would most likely not see. They are able to tap into your energies to see your past, present or your future. Most psychic readings are done by individuals who have the gift of clairvoyance.
  • Cleromancy – This type of reading involves the act of casting lots, a practice that is thousands of years old. Cleromancy is still being practiced today and is done through with the use of objects like dice, stones or bones. Once the objects are casted, the cleromancer will then analyze each of them according to their orientation, position and proximity to each other.
  • Crystal Ball Readings – Crystal ball readings are psychometric in nature, because it involves the use of an object: the crystal ball. The reader is trained to see images and visions through this object.
  • Empathic Readings – Empaths are individuals who can immerse themselves in the emotions of other people, and to some point, control other’s emotional states as well. These readings are best recommended for people who are sad, hurt and troubled and require helpful insight when it comes to their feelings and emotions.
  • Mediumship – Mediums are psychics who can communicate with individuals who have already passed on to the other side. A reading with a medium can help you connect with loved ones, get answer questions and provide you with closure and allow you to experience the closure that you need to move on in life.
  • Numerology – Involves the study of numbers and how the apply to your life. A numerologist usually takes numbers by using your birthname or birthdate to reveal insight about your life.
  • Palmistry – Readings that involves foretelling of your future by studying one’s palm.
  • Psychometry – This practice is quite similar to clairvoyance, but psychometrists often require an object or article that belongs to you. They usually look at or touch the object to tap into its vibrations and provide you with insightful information.
  • Tarot Readings – Tarot readings involve the use of a Tarot deck, which consists of 78 cards, all used to gain insight into your life. The tarot reader uses different spreads and assigns particular lenses, through which he or she interprets the cards with.

These are just a few of the numerous types of psychic readings done today, but they are the most popular ones and there’s always a high chance you would come across a few of them. Some psychics use a combination of these methods during their readings to provide you with the best possible insights and information. You too, can explore these options to see which among them you like best.

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