California Psychics was established in 1995 and has helped more than 4 million. The company has hundreds of psychics available who specialize in an array of topics. After an initial evaluation, the customer service representatives will be able to match a psychic that will best fit the customer’s needs. California Psychics ensure 100% satisfaction or the reading is free.

The company has professional customer service representatives that can help clients with signing up for readings, answer questions, and select a psychic that is best suited for the client’s wants and needs. Potential clients and returning clients can call California Psychic’s customer service representatives every day of the year around the clock.

California Psychics strive on a non-judgmental service that is focused on helping others succeed and see the potential opportunities in life. The motto at California Psychics is “A positive guide to your future.” The talented psychics aim to have every client come from a reading feeling empowered.

Impression of Site

California Psychics website is well-organized, and it is easy to navigate around the site. Potential customers can see a psychic list, which provides details on the psychics as well as the price per minute and style the psychics offer. The psychic list also provides the direct phone number to each psychic and a complete bio.

The website also has a psychic blog, which contains an abundance of information that is updated often. A tab for horoscopes is also available, which gives individuals a free daily horoscope when they sing up with their name and email address.

There is also a Psychic Selector, which is a tool that helps individuals find the perfect psychic for their needs. This tool allows individuals to narrow down psychics based on the services and readings they offer.

Types of Readings Offered

There are many different psychic styles offered by the talented psychics at the company, which include compassionate, straightforward, and inspirational readings. There are also different methods used by the California Psychics such as Tarot card readings, astrological chart interpretations, and more. Each psychic will have their services and the types of readings they offer on their psychic bio.

Psychic Screening

The psychics at California Psychics must pass an intense telephone screening process, which is the first step potential psychics must go through. The Psychic Management Department is in charge on screening every individual who applies to become a psychic with the company. The Psychic Management Department rigorously screens and tests every potential psychic to ensure only the best and most talented psychics are part of the team at California Psychics.

After passing a phone interview, the psychic must pass numerous test readings with well-trained and professional psychic evaluators. When a psychic proves he or she can identify past, present, and future phases of a customer’s life, a background check will be administered on the psychic. After the initial tests are administered to the psychic, he or she must constantly go through re-evaluations and test readings, which will ensure the psychics at the company perform to the highest ability.

The psychics at California Psychic are only the best. In fact, only 2 out of 100 psychics that apply to work for the company pass the intense screening process. The psychics also guarantee confidentially and satisfaction. Currently, the company has more than 300 psychics on stand-by to help customers.

Pricing Information

California Psychics pricing varies based on the reading and the psychic. Each psychic has a different rate per minute. Currently, there is a special offer for individuals getting their first reading. Individuals will receive 80% off their first psychic reading, which is a limited time offer.

Although the most experienced psychics will charge the highest rates, most of the psychics at California Psychic will begin their services at $4.00 per minute. However, some psychics make the decision to stay at a lower rate to give clients a high-quality reading at a low cost.

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