It’s always comforting to know that we have guardians and protectors nearby. Oftentimes, these guardians and protectors are our loved ones from the Great Beyond, who want to give us feelings of hope and reassurance if we’re experiencing a particularly rough patch in life. Here are five of the most popular signs that you have been visited by an angel.


Do you know that angels also have their very own calling cards? The presence of a floating feather is one of the leading signs that you have just been visited by a celestial friend. When you’re feeling low and stressed and you notice the presence of a white feather, it’s a sure sign that an angel is nearby.


Have you ever heard of the expression ‘pennies from heaven’? The saying is thought to have come from the belief that when angels are around, they often leave pennies or other coins for people they are guarding over. It’s unfortunate that most of our troubles are caused by money problems, thus angels, who just want to chase away sadness and frowns, want to brighten our day with a little help from above, even if a penny really isn’t worth much.


Ever notice a bright fat rainbow even though it hasn’t drizzled? Rainbows, which is a sign of God’s promise to mankind, is also a sign that an angel is nearby. It is a bright confirmation that angels are nearby to guard and protect you, as well as brighten up your mood.

Flashes of Light

Those who have not opened their third eye may see flashes of light in the corner of their eye – it’s also a sign that an angel is nearby. These lights may appear brightly colored; sometimes, they’re just plain and bright. These flashes of light don’t appear directly within your field of vision, and it can also mean that you have abilities that you may want to tap into.

Tingling Sensations

This should be differentiated from goosebumps, which are often signs that something you don’t want to be near you is nearby. Tingling sensations when you meditate or just concentrating on stuff indicate that your guardian angel is nearby. You may feel buzzy and light, with happy sensations floating through your body. This is due to the angel trying to connect with your spiritual energy.

If you’re feeling down or sad, don’t forget that your guardian angel is always nearby to help you and protect you – you don’t go through this sad patch of life alone, and angels are always here to protect you even if they don’t send out indications of their presence.

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