Spiritual grounding involves the balancing of your body’s physical energy to your spiritual energy by linking it to the energy of the earth itself. Spiritual grounding is often made use of by those who are closely intertwined with their energies, such as healers, people with strong intuitions, mediums and energy workers, in order for them to perform at their optimum peak and to effectively make use of their gifts.

If you’re grounded, you feel like you are truly experiencing the physical world in its present form – you are not stuck in the past, nor are you excited to fast-forward your life into the future. Even if you’re not particularly in touch with your body’s energy, grounding is an effective way to dispel negativities in the body such as anxiety and stress. These two often give off excess energy, thus you feel out of sync with your body.

When you are not grounded, you may feel disconnected, lightheaded, tired, dazed or flighty. You may feel as if you want to jump out of your skin, but you also feel like you are detached and confused concerning your surroundings. While those who are used to working with energy may often experience such, people who aren’t as familiar may feel that something’s wrong, but they just can’t put their finger on what it is.

Grounding Techniques

  1. Breathing Techniques. Breath work allows your body to be relaxed, allowing you to tap into your spiritual energy better because you feel calm and composed. Performing this before meditation will help you get the most out of the meditation exercise.
  2. Another great way for you to connect your mind and body is to calm down. We are often plagued with thoughts but we cannot dispel them unless we allow ourselves to calm down and access them.
  3. Coupled with breathing techniques and postures, yoga can also greatly affect your well-being greatly if practiced regularly.
  4. Eating the right food. Make use of “grounding food” such as root vegetables or nuts, since they have grounding energy signatures.
  5. Remove caffeine from your diet. Caffeine makes us jittery and hyped up, and it has a negative effect on the nervous system, even if you feel that you can’t get through the day without an energy boost. Enjoy it occasionally, but don’t be reliant on it on a daily basis – it prevents you from calming down and accessing your inner self.

Spiritual grounding is essential every once in a while to keep yourself connected to the present. Life is fleeting – don’t get caught up in the past. It is definitely best best to engage yourself in whatever activities you do at that exact moment and be more attune in the now, because a moment lost will never be recovered.

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