Keen is a psychic reading website with hundreds of different psychics available for both online and phone readings. Each psychic has their own special style. There are literally hundreds of talented psychics for you to choose from. Keen has been online offering psychic readings since 1999, and during that time, they have helped millions of people find the answers to their most important life issues.

Types of Readings Offered

Through the Keen website you can find both online psychic readings and phone psychic readings. They have a network of psychics who each have their own special skill, focus, and process in offering you insight on your life and challenges. They are able to offer intuitive, spiritual, love, and general readings.  You can speak with a psychic in real time, which means that you get the answers that you are seeking immediately.

On the Keen website you can get love and relationship readings, tarot readings, spiritual readings, astrological readings, answers to your financial situation, and answers to general life questions too. There isn’t anything that you need to know that the Keen Psychics won’t be able to help you answer.

Impression of Website

Each of the psychics on the Keen system has a rating. These ratings are from the people who they have given readings to. Keen wants to hear from their customers in order to insure that their psychics are the very best. Plus, an added bonus of the rating system it that you get to see what previous clients experienced with your potential psychic. This will help you to feel more confident with their skill level. Keen believes so much in the power of feedback that they offer clients bonus minutes if they take a survey about their experience with their psychic and the website in general.

The Keen psychics are available any time of the day or night. Keen understands that not everyone lives on a 9 to 5 schedule and so they have psychics available for readings at all times for your convenience. Plus, you can trust that whoever you talk to will keep your information private and safe.

The system is really easy to use. To start out you can look at their many talented psychics or you can narrow down your search by going under one of the many subheadings; like psychic readings, love and relationships, life questions, tarot readers, spiritual readings, and psychic mediums. This will take you to a listing of psychics that specialize in exactly what you are looking for.

When you find the specific psychic that you want to work with, all you have to do is click on the ‘call’ button on their profile, or call into the Keen phone line and ask for that psychic’s extension. If your requested psychic isn’t available, you can set a time for them to call you back. If you have really enjoyed a specific psychic and you want to speak with them again, you can save them in your member profile. This makes it easy for you to find them again and continue to get readings from them.

Becoming a member of the Keen website gives you access to specific features that you would otherwise not get. Membership does require you to sign a contract, but this is a common feature with many of the online psychic websites. As with most psychic websites, you must be 18 years or older in order to be a member and you cannot live in an area where such membership would be unlawful.

The Keen website is a place where psychics and people looking for readings are able to find each other. Keen is not responsible for what the psychics tell you or what your experience might be. They work hard to bring you the most skilled psychics, but your process with that psychic is between you and them. Ultimately, Keen is not responsible.

Pricing Info

For new members to Keen, you get a free three minute reading to try out the service. With the Keen system you get to stay as anonymous as you want to. The psychic will not see your phone number, email address, or any other private information about you. The rate that you pay will depend on the psychic that you choose to work with, as each psychic set their own rates. Often you will find psychics that are offering special deals and discounts, but this is done via the psychic and not through Keen.

Review Overview

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Summary : One of the more popular psychic networks available. However, recent complaints from customers is a little alarming.

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