Most psychics, including online and phone readers, make use of tools to help them get in touch with the astral plane. These tools do not necessarily give them the answers or show them the future, but act as a guide to focus and fine tune their mind so they can see, hear and feel things we usually do not – providing them with answers.

Not all tools are the same, just as a screwdriver cannot do what a hammer does. Thus, most psychics choose specific items to use for specific cases, allowing them to arrive at the point that they desire. Here are some of the most common psychic tools, which may help give you more understanding for the next time you get a reading:

Birth Chart

birth chart

Astrology involves the study and calculations of the relationships and patters of the sun, moon and planets during the time of our birth. By using the longitude of your birth date, place and exact time of birth, an astrologer can compute exact parts of the zodiac during your birth, creating a chart that can then be interpreted accordingly. Your birth chart does not reveal things about your past, but can give general information about you and why you behave the way you do. It can also point out new talents and potentials that you may not be aware of.

Getting your birth chart can be helpful, especially if your psychic teaches you how to read it yourself at home. However, your exact time of birth is essential to make sure that your birth chart is accurate. This can be a problem because some people do not like to give exact details about their birth, especially to a stranger.

Crystal Ball

Mann´s Chinese Theater Captured in the Round

Crystal balls have always been synonymous with fortune tellers, but it is actually a useful psychic tool used by many kinds of psychics. Contrary to popular belief, crystal balls are not magical, nor do they show you the future. They can be used, however, to put a psychic into a trance. Once the psychic is in that state, her psychic abilities become sharper, allowing psychic thoughts to enter their minds better.

Crisp visuals and images from crystal ball readings are some of the most accurate illustrations about the future, but some psychics may not be able to describe what they fully see.

Ouija Boards

Ouija Board

Also known as spirit boards, Ouija boards are flat boards which are used to contact spirits during a séance. They are marked with letters, numbers and words that spirits can use to convey their message using intense energies from the astral plane. The board makes use of verbal communication, and does not give psychics visions – which may deny the client a chance at rich visuals and imagery that can be derived from other tools and methods. But, under the right guidance, the board can be a medium for connecting with spirits, especially those who are dear to the individual.

Psychics discourage the use of Ouija boards at home, as there is a risk for demonic possession. This tool is not to be taken or used lightly and should only be used with the presence of someone with psychic knowledge

Tarot cards


Tarot cards use a special deck of cards for divination purposes. Each card in the deck contains different images, each of which represents a separate concept. Psychics will deal this card to the client or person getting the reading, and then interpret the meaning of the cards which are chosen. Some cards will provide clues to future events, while some cards will offer answers to questions that one may have today.



Runes are special items – stones, specifically – which psychics cast to help them see imagery. They are the oldest of all tools available. Even before psychics were actually known as “psychics,” many individuals have already made use of runes to interpret images that are seen. I-Ching, for example, is a type of psychic reading that makes use of special runes to read the past or the future.

Tea Leaves

Green tea leaves

The art of reading tea leaves has been practiced for century, and simply involves the use of tea leaves for fortune telling or divination, and those with the gift can see future events and read messages from tea leaf patterns. They also sometimes use wine sediments or ground coffee beans for the same purpose. Unfortunately, it is now quite difficult to come across tea leaves that are cut the same as before, which are require for the best illustrative purposes.

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