One of the most common questions asked by those new to the world of psychics is how a psychic differs from a medium, and even whether there’s any difference at all. This is a very good question, and one that people are often surprised to hear the answer to. So, in this article, we’re going to look at what a psychic is, what a medium is, as well as how they are both – correctly or incorrectly – viewed by the general public…

What’s a Psychic?

So, let’s start with psychics – after all, they are what this site is all about! Perhaps the most important thing to remember about the word “psychic” is that it covers a whole range of different people, all of whom are gifted with some form of ESP, whether this happens to be predicting the future, contacting the dead or anything else. It should be remembered that everyone has some level of psychic ability – including you – therefore meaning that we could all be described as psychics in some way. Those who really deserve the name though are those who have refined their skills over time.

What’s a Medium?

Moving on to mediums now, and the main thing to understand about them is that they are specifically able to communicate with spirits. Therefore, this means that all mediums are also psychics, however not all psychics are mediums! Another big difference is that mediums are usually concerned with providing information about the past or present, as opposed to other types of psychics, who usually concentrate on predicting events in the future.

How are they Perceived?

Perhaps the really important difference between psychics and mediums is how they are seen by the wider community – perceptions that are untrue and not fair on genuine psychics. Mediums are generally seen in a favorable light by people, as they are able to provide accurate and specific information to people about friends and relatives; psychics, on the other hand, often give more general information, and this is seen as less trustworthy. Essentially, mediums can prove their abilities straight away, while psychics aren’t able to have this luxury.

This difference in perception is really quite unfair though. It is true that there have been many charlatans who have exploited people, but they have passed themselves off as both psychics and mediums. These accusations have stuck on psychics though, while mediums have escaped unscathed. Both are real and do offer great services to clients though, so neither should be looked upon badly.

So, there you have it. There is really no reason to be confused about the differences between psychics and mediums, as the difference is very clear. Psychics encompass a range of different people with ESP, while a medium is a specific type of psychic, one who can communicate with the spirit world.

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